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The source code moved to GitHub.

1.1b release issued:

  • Apache Maven is now the project management system.
  • Fixed an annoying bug that causes duplication of some routes in a routing table after opening of an existing project.


NET-Simulator was created to help lecturers and students in learning and teaching of basics of computer networks. Students can build virtural networks in the virtual environment provided by NET-Simulator. It supports different types of virtual devises: router, desktop computer, switch and hub. These devices are controlled by a command line interface that is close to real devices. NET-Simulator implementats 1st, 2nd and 3rd layers of ISO OSI. Please check documentation for further details.

NET-Simulator is an open source project. It is released under the GNU GPL license.





  1. Installation guide.
  2. General overview.
  3. Command line interface.
  4. Example projects.


Please feel free to report bugs or request features in the tracker or you can reach out to the authors by emails below.


Last update: 20.04.2019 18:11. Email: maxtereshin@gmail.com